Edinburgh Finds

I was quite restrained in Edinburgh, spending money on shows and food rather than Stuff – but I did have some lovely finds…

Jewellery : Fabric stud earrings and ring from Hannah Zakari | Old watch face & workings ring and Typewriter Key necklace from Reworkd Workshop

New Stuff: Floral Skirt, White top and Tartan (TARTAN!) heels, BTGOF (buy 2 get 1 free) at Ness | Floral print bag, on sale in Urban Outfitters

Vintage Stuff: Grey & orange print dress from Armstrong’s – this doesn’t fit but I loved the fabric so bought it to do something creative with | Grey spot silk scarf from Godiva

Books: Alongside the Fringe, there’s also the Edinburgh International Book Festival in Charlotte Square. Two of my books; Digital Vertigo and Is That a Fish in Your Ear?, tackling social media and translation respectively, were from the festival bookshop. The third, a 1940s edition of Cornwall and it’s People I found in a second hand bookshop that had only just opened (they were still putting books on the shelves!), so I was pleased to be able to bring it home.


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