Vintage reworked

Remember back in August after my holiday in Edinburgh, I posted some photos of the things I’d bought? Well, among them was a grey and orange vintage dress from Armstrong’s, which didn’t fit but I bought anyway to do “something creative” with – see the original photo below.

A few weeks later I was covering in one of the charity shops, and had a rummage through the box of patterns; I came up with one for four styles of dress, very sixties style. You can see the pack in the top left corner of the photo below; the style furthest to the right is what I’m going for.

That was as far as the project got for a couple of months, being busy moving house, working and starting my Master’s dissertation. But the other week I was on a bit of a crafting weekend and dropped into Truro Fabrics. I must have spent nearly an hour trawling up and down the racks of bolts of fabric, looking for something a) the right colours b) the right kinds of fabric and c) that would work with the style of the dress.

At last I found it, a stretch jersey, with the same orange and grey tones in a geometric pattern on a darker fabric, which hopefully means I can do without the lining. And there was just enough left on the end of the bolt for the pattern I’d chosen! It’s fate.

Anyway today I had a few hours on my hands (dissertation’s up to speed!) so I decided to take the plunge and start wielding a pair of scissors. Very aware that I couldn’t go back to the shop and buy more of the fabric if I mucked it up, I nervously set about it, and the photo below shows the result, all pieces cut out and placed as they will be in the finished dress.

The sleeves will be gathered and cuffed rather than bell-shaped but I couldn’t get the fabric to show this, but you get the idea!


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