Crafty Weekend

I have spent quite a bit of time on crafts this weekend, but I can’t post about a lot of it for fear of people getting a sneak peek at their Christmas presents!

However, I can most definitely write about the markets I went to! On Saturday, it was The Duchy’s Vintage Party craft fair in St Mawgan village hall – a small but buzzing event with about ten or so crafters and a wonderful tea party. I loved the sign outside as well, that was cute. I didn’t buy anything here but there were lots of things I would have liked if I had a flat to accessorise, or if I wasn’t in present-buying mode for everyone else. Favourites were vintage inspired ceramic tiles and upcycled china from Humble Cottage; embroidered bits and reworked jewellery from Kits’ n’ Bits; and fabric things from Bella and Me.

craft weekend
Clockwise from top left: Town Quay sign; St Mawgan fair sign; singing Pirates; purchases from Sarah Drew; Sarah Drew’s stall; Christmas window in Emma’s Home

Sunday was a rather bigger affair; Fowey Christmas Market, which is spread out across three venues; the school hall, town hall and a tardis-like marquee on Town Quay. I used to live in Fowey but somehow I’ve never been, but it was fantastic with tons of crafts, gifts and local food produce, live music and singing (from Pirates of course, what else would you expect?). I recognised a lot of my favourite stalls both food and craft, but I had a new discovery which I have instantly fallen in love with, much like Reworkd Workshop of Edinburgh – and that’s Sarah Drew. Her stall was covered in unique pieces of jewellery made of sea glass, lace, beads, buttons and all sorts of objets trouv√©s. I came away with a pocketwatch necklace, and two pairs of flower earrings, one in lace and another of buttons.

I only wish I could justify buying more at these fairs – when I do get my own place I dread to think how cluttered it’s going to end up with reworked, crafted and vintage items!


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