A few little treasures…

It’s been over a week since Christmas but it already seems much longer! How is it that something can have so much buildup and then be all over in a flash, with everything suddenly back to normal?

Well, it’s not quite back to normal for me as I’m not back at work until the 7th, but I’ve been busy getting back up to speed with my dissertation and learning Chinese, and also working on an exciting new craft project (more on that soon!)

Anyway I realised that some of the things I got for Christmas really are too pretty not to photograph, and also I wanted to try out Snapseed, which I recently decided to switch to from Instagram for cool photo editing. I take most of my blog photos on my phone because I’m not up to getting an SLR or anything at this stage and my phone is always to hand – but it does mean that some clever post-editing comes in handy to make them look a bit more, well, blog worthy! So here’s the lineup:

owl beadThis one I actually got before Christmas, as I went to ‘help’ my dad pick a present for me…. I hadn’t had a new Trollbead for a while so I picked this cute silver owl. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in the last year or two and I’m 25 this month, so it represents getting older and wiser!

Owl potLittle did I know, this continued an owl theme that his partner Gail had already started with my presents from them – this even cuter ceramic pot now holds my jewellery bits and bobs for future reworking projects. I love the idea that you could put his head (the lid) on slightly wonky or even backwards, like a proper owl!

heart boxThis wooden box with carved hearts on the top was from mum, probably from one of the many independent interior / homeware shops we have in town. I don’t know what I’ll end up using it for, but for the moment it’s got all the vouchers and tickets I also got for Christmas in it.

fox earringsAlso from mum, these adorable gold fox earrings from Accessorize. The stylized cat/fox motif seems to be getting as popular as owls at the moment, and I love the glitzy art deco style of these.

maru bookFinally, in my humble opinion no blog worth its salt should go without featuring Maru at some point! This book tells Maru’s story from both his and his owner’s perspectives, and features a lot of photos and stills from his famous Youtube videos. It was from my friend Sophie who is probably as mad about cats (and Maru) as I am!



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