Product Review: Seche Nail Polish

I thought I would add product review posts to my list of topics, so here’s the first one! In my November Glossybox I got a nail polish, from Seche. At first I didn’t think it had any branding on it, as the design on the bottle is matte black and the polish is such a dark blue, the two merge completely.

nail polish bottle

I hadn’t heard of Seche before – so it was good to get to try a brand I’m unfamiliar with. It’s a full sized polish bottle, so I’ll get a lot of wear out of it (does anyone actually finish a nail polish before it goes gloopy?).

The colour was ‘Hypnotic’ dark royal blue, which is a shade I used to wear a lot but recently I’ve tended to go for more neutral shades that are work and multiple-outfit appropriate.

polish brush

The polish is quite a runny one, which I suppose is good because it takes longer to go gloopy, but can make application a bit tricky. Also, they’ve gone for the traditional long thin brush, which I find tricky to control when loaded with polish. Some other brands have started to move towards flatter, oval-tipped brushes which I think give a neater and easier finish.

Although it’s runny, you do have to load quite a bit on the brush to get even coverage in one sweep the whole length of the nail (and most of my nails are quite short at the moment). My default tactic with nail polish to avoid over-loading the nail is to go for small repeated applications, but that doesn’t work well with this polish. However, it did dry quite quickly.










The finish is smooth and the colour is deep. For the sake of fair testing, I didn’t apply a top coat. After 48 hours the finish is still reasonably glossy with minimal fade (certainly not as bad as I’ve seen with other polishes), but there is quite a bit of chipping round the edges of the nail tips – and I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary; typing, cooking, opening packets etc.) However, there’s no cracks or flaking in the majority of the nail so I would stab a guess that a strong sealing top coat would improve the durability of this polish.

48hrs later

acertainstyle Star rating:

Colour : ☆☆☆☆☆

Applicator: ☆☆

Finish: ☆☆☆☆

Durability: ☆☆☆


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