From work to play…or at least Les Mis

Well not quite play, but film…. Yesterday I finished work early to go and see Les Misérables with a friend, so I needed a work-appropriate outfit that wouldn’t look out of place on a Friday evening in town.

There’s really only one option in my wardrobe for this – it’s the Swan dress (Dorothy Perkins)! It’s smart, but the floaty fabric and fun print bring it back down to earth. Combined with coordinating brown suede shoes with bright chiffon ribbon detail (New Look) and set off with bright purple tights, and a cardi (August Silk from TK Maxx) because it’s still cold after all…

Swan dress shoes








I don’t normally wear a necklace with this dress because it has quite a high neck with keyhole detail, so most necklaces don’t sit in the right place and it ends up looking fussy. Instead I go for slightly bolder earrings – these were for Christmas from my mum, from a shop in town called Muchachas. They sell some really funky jewellery there and I already have three other things from this same range.


I quite liked Les Mis, I’m not a musicals person really so I’ve never seen it on stage and didn’t know the story (gasp – I know! Who admits that?!), but who can say no to Hugh Jackman AND Eddie Redmayne in the same film? Not me that’s for sure. I expected there to be more group numbers than monologues, but that said I thought everyone was strong and played their parts to the hilt. Definitely a must see, even for the non-musical fans!


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