Amazing conference outfit for under £30!

So I said on Friday that I was going to put up some posts about my completed vintage dress, new hair and some craft/jewellery book reviews.

But that’s all going to have to wait because yesterday a bit of sales and shopping magic happened! I ended up going to Plymouth with mum, she wanted a couple of new outfits for particular occasions and although I didn’t really have anything on the list I never turn down the chance for a mooch and haven’t been to Plymouth for ages.

Tried on a few sale rail things in Oasis but none of them really suited me, a few doors down was H&M. Now H&M either produces pieces that stay in my wardrobe for years, or I can go seasons without finding anything. The latter has recently been the case, and as it’s the end of January I really didn’t expect to have much success on the sale rails.

Well, my god. Firstly, there was still TONS of sale rail items in the store, and secondly a load of stuff I liked. I took a big armful to the changing rooms, amongst them the dress and jacket below. They looked great together, and the tickets showed a £15 sale price (from £29.99) each so I thought that was pretty good. I also found a brown floaty blouse for £5 and a set of three belts (pale pink, black, and acid lime to go with the dress I wore on Christmas day) for £7.95. Not a bad haul for £40 I thought.

So imagine my surprise (and delight) when the cashier rang it all up and said “That’s £26 please!” That’s what I call magic. Later I looked at the receipt and found the dress and jacket were in fact £10 each and the belts £1… ridiculous.

Later I picked up the envelope bag and deco earrings in Primark for £3 each, so paired with shoes and necklace I’ve already got this will make a nice little interview / conference outfit – all for around £27!

Dress Detail

Accessories Jacket


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