2 for 1 Outfit Post

2 for 1 tonight because I’ve been busy this week – my dad came down to visit and it was my birthday yesterday!

First of all the long-awaited vintage reworked dress had it’s first public outing. It’s quite comfy and looks just right paired with chunky ankle boots, very sixties/seventies. I also have this pair of orange vintage earrings picked up in a charity shop just for this dress!

vintage dress earrings








Secondly I picked up some more bargains from the “last chance” sale rail in Debenhams (or at least, they were picked up for me as a birthday present!). A classic houndstooth pencil skirt, and two acid-yellow detail blouses from the same Betty Jackson Black collection as my christmas dress. Looks smart with my New Look “Chanel” heels.

outfit shoes



One thought on “2 for 1 Outfit Post

  1. Loving both looks. You never said at dinner it was your vintage home altered dress. Couldn’t see your sleeves under the cardi you wore. Love the “Chanel” shoes.

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