The outfit that won me a job

Well not quite, I’m sure there was more to it than the outfit (at least I hope there was!) but I certainly felt confident and comfortable wearing this and I think that helped.

I must apologise for the low-quality photos, but they were quickly snapped at approximately 6am before I walked out the door to get my train to London. The interview was in the afternoon and by 6pm I was back on a train heading westwards once more – but the next day I already had an offer and the day after I accepted!

I start in mid-April and it’s a great job for a big company in Buckinghamshire, and it’s finally giving me that step up into the career and the industry that I want to be in, so it’s exciting and scary at the same time.

So the killer interview outfit? My wish-it-was-Anglomania purple tartan dress, grey & black H&M jacket & grey Primark envelope clutch, purple heart Irregular Choice shoes (which one of my interviewers said they loved – twice!), purple vintage scarf and another outing for the vintage watch necklace.

photo 4 photo 5


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