Spring Colours

The weather has been so lovely and sunny the last week, life is feeling quite colourful. My wardrobe has broken out in bright colours and pastels – in the photo I’m sporting a peach cardi (New Look, £7.99) and statement pink triangle ring (also New Look), and Kiko Mint Milk nail polish.

spring colours 1

My new flat has a large open plan kitchen/living area with a south-facing picture window, so it’s really bright. It’s decorated neutrally with a cream-and-brown kitchen and wood laminate floor, so I went with neutral pieces of furniture and bright pops of colour. The colour highlight in the kitchen is the bright apple/lime green that’s popular at the moment, which goes really well with the brown and cream.

kitchen green

In the living room, I’ve got a big rug with a multicolour paisley graphic (Skarum, Ikea), a neutral grey fabric sofa (Karlstad, Ikea with Isunda grey cover) and bright cushions – Skarum (Ikea again!), Ballerina Wave and a Cupcakes pattern, both Dunelm.

multicolour living

It might seem like I’ve pretty much got a finished space, but there’s lots of homely touches still to add, and for that I’m determined to stay away from Ikea, Dunelm et.al who have already contributed sufficiently (sometimes you just can’t get away from the convenience+style+price aspect) – and instead trawl vintage markets and car boots for those must-have finds.

There are several big weekly car boots in the area so I’ll have plenty of hunting grounds, but today I made a start at The Village Market, Beaconsfield – a vintage and craft market that runs at the end of every month alongside the established Farmer’s Market (which sadly I did not see today due to a sudden thunderstorm). The Village Market, however, was a lovely experience, full of proper vintage stalls – not the “created vintage” that you get so often instead. I was tempted by a few battered tins, an art deco compact and a Homemaker plate, but decided to stay my hand as none of them really screamed out must-have. After all, there’s plenty of time to hunt down those treasures!


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