What I Wore to Work this Week

So remember a few weeks back I said I’d discovered Polyvore, and might be addicted… well, that turned out to not be entirely true, mainly due to usability. On PC it’s great, but then it took a while to hunt down how to add a ‘clip to’ applet so I could add images from anywhere around the web, not just what they had in their library.

Secondly, I thought it would be a great thing to tatt with during my lunch break from work, but as yet they don’t have an ipad app and the website is not set up for tablet functionality – most problematic is the fact you can’t move or resize objects in sets because the tablet gestures aren’t recognised. This is something they need to sort, pronto. There’s just no excuse for lack of tablet compatibility these days, especially with something like Polyvore.

Other than that, it does fit quite nicely with Pinterest. Lately I’ve decided to compile some private boards with images of all my wardrobe pieces, shoes, accessories etc. This was really since I decided I wanted to create an Italy lookbook. It’s taken a bit of tweaking, and I’ve had to photograph most of my pieces as I could only find good photos of the most recent online. Then I found a nifty app called TouchRetouch to get rid of the coathangers and even out the backgrounds – then in Preview I use the InstantAlpha tool to remove the background entirely, then pin to Pinterest. From Pinterest I can clip to Polyvore, and then when adding to sets the ‘removed background’ setting works perfectly, so I can create sets based on my own wardrobe now. It sounds pretty longwinded but now I’ve got it licked it doesn’t take all that long.

So, below is the Polyvore set for What I Wore to Work this Week – if you click the image it’ll take you to my Polyvore profile.

Mint, Navy & Cream / Black, Cream & Purple

Mon / Tues :  Mango cream pussybow blouse + South navy pencil skirt + Mint New Look courts

Weds / Thurs : Soon textured purple vest + South navy & black trousers + Irregular Choice Patty heels.

All days: Per Una Navy trench coat.

Friday’s “dress down” so that doesn’t count!


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