Graduation outfit dilemma

It’s my MA graduation on Tuesday, the final marker of my entire academic life. Graduation outfits are notoriously difficult – the recommendation is to wear black, like a suit, and to wear a shirt so you can attach your gown hood to a button. Well this sounds like a disaster to me – my bust rather precludes the wearing of buttoned shirts, as they never fit properly, and as for having the weight of a hood pulling on one well that sounds like a recipe for said shirt popping open!

So I threw the suggestions out of the window right from the start, but that didn’t mean I had any good ideas. When I was home the other week I found a nice outfit from Ocean Blue, a floral print navy pencil skirt and coral short sleeve blouse which seemed smart but something I would also wear a lot to work. I knew it would also go with a jacket, clutch and shoes that I had;

Ok, so then I fell out with the shoes – I love them, but they absolutely cram your toes and are very uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Then it got hot, and I realised I’d be ditching the jacket. THEN I was completely thrown because for the third day of staring at my rail thinking that all my workwear was not summery enough, I resorted to pulling out what I considered to be a ‘non work’ dress; the blue one I bought in Italy. Paired with a blue belt to give it some shape and mint heels, and the Dune bag I bought from TK Maxx the other week, I found I’d suddenly landed on another outfit I really liked…

This also felt smart and a bit more summery, but I figured I ought to give the original outfit a chance. I wore it to work the next day, but with different heels. It’s hard to tell but in real life the skirt does have more distinct coral and peach hues in the floral print.

peach shoe

I’m still not convinced though and suspect I’ll be going with the blue dress combo. The skirt is also not as neat in the wearing as I thought; it creases easily around the waistband and moves around a bit. Anyway I have only a few more hours to decide as I’m leaving for Bristol tomorrow morning and don’t really want to take more shoes than I need to!


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