Markets and Treasure

I’ve been lacking in posts again, sorry – I’ve been a busy bee what with the graduation trip to Bristol, work and a visit into London with a friend from Cornwall!

Here’s some treasure to make up for it – while I was in London last weekend we visited two markets. Borough market is a regular stopoff for lovely lovely foods. If I lived nearby I would love to think that I’d shop there regularly for fresh foods including veg, fish and meat, but as it stands my purchases tend to be limited to eat-it-standing yummies or longer-life things such as tapas, preserved meat or bottles & jars. This time round I bought Balsamic glaze, Garlic roasted tomatoes, turkish delight, salted caramels, and chestnut paste.

Borough marketI love the bustle and noise of Borough and of course the produce displays and delicious smells, and the sheer variety of things you can find. They’ve been renovating parts of the market over the last few years and it’s well worth tearing your gaze away from the stalls and looking up at the vaulted ironwork. Every few seconds you can’t fail to notice the trains rumbling overhead either, and now you turn a corner and get a view of the Shard – a stark contrast of modern London against a heritage market.

Next up was Greenwich, somewhere I have been meaning to explore for ages. The rain held off and the sun came out again so it was very pleasant on the waterfront, but we were headed in to the market, which was smaller than I thought. That said, there was a nice variety of craftworks for sale as well as some interesting takeaway food stalls. Round the outside, there are various small boutiques and pop up shops – one of which was 360 degrees Vintage. This is my favourite type of vintage shop, packed full of treasures but also with great styling and inspirations setups. Best of all – a scarf box! I couldn’t resist a rummage but was quite restrained only coming away with one £5 green silk number.

Greenwich Scarf










I also had a bit of a nosy in Lush Designs. I’ve seen their brilliantly printed homewares stocked in other shops, and definitely wanted to look up their own shop in Greenwich. If I didn’t already have more cushions than places to put them, I’d stock up on theirs, but I also love their lampshades. I was really chuffed to find they had a samples/seconds table with some pieces significantly reduced with only minor issues. I picked up a pale mint green, brown and white medium-sized one for my bedroom. I covet the London design for the living room, but at £45 retail price I’ll have to wait for a sale or another chance to peruse the seconds table…

Stars and flowers lampshade


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