WIWTW – Two weeks of outfits

Ok, I have been sooo busy with work, I really haven’t done all that much interesting to blog about and it’s taken me until today to put together my WIWTW boards for the last two weeks.

So, week beginning 29th July, I wore these:

So that’s two new purchases; charcoal Mango silk panel t shirt and mint enamel Owl pendant, + grey trousers and New Look grey suede heels with bow detail.

Then it went a bit less sunny so I pulled out some heavier clothing – South black linen trousers and a blouse I’ve had a while but take a new liking to every time I wear it. It’s South (again) and has this heart padlock and chain print on it, it looks feminine but the print gives that little edge.

Later it the week the weather swung back the other way so I rolled out another new (sale) purchase, an Apricot brown polka dot dress. This may seem strangely familiar – because I have the exact same dress in navy! I wear that a lot so it made sense to buy the same in another colour, not something I do all that often. Both these outfits got paired with my purple Irregular choice Patty heels, and with the dress I wore my Mary Mary purple heart necklace. So purple and hearts were the themes that tied them together!

Then, week beginning 5th August, I wore these:

So Mango featured again in outfit 1 – both the blouse and the skirt (the blouse also something I purchased in two colours), plus South nude heels and Jutka & Riska owl earrings.

That was followed up by another sale purchase – Select pale pink blouse with crochet collage and bow detail, Debenhams houndstooth skirt and New Look mint heels, tied together with Primark black and cream art deco earrings.


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