Crafting and Upcycling Backlog

Ok, so I haven’t been feeling very inspired by my clothing recently, there are plenty of things in my wardrobe that I like but I feel I’ve been recycling the same outfits and colours again and again. However, I also don’t feel justified in doing the traditional thing at this time of year and hitting the new season lines with my plastic card.

Therefore, I seem to have piled up a few upcycled clothing ideas in my crafting basket!

Way back in May sometime I picked up some Ikea fabric from a car boot (I think I posted about it) and started making a skirt. I lost patience with attempt 1 based on a loose pattern, ripped it up (not quite literally) and started again. Yet, attempt 2 still isn’t to my liking and sits abandoned in the basket. I think the fabric is wrong for the skirt design I want, it won’t hang properly.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a cardigan from Roman Originals in the sale, which has a really fun dressmakers model print. It had some naff sequins and beads on some of the models which I’ve unpicked, and I wanted to change the buttons. I really liked the ones I got with my free Home Barn copy of Mollie Makes, but they were too big to go through the holes. The cardigan comfortably goes on with the buttons done up anyway, so I decided to just stitch it closed with these buttons. Much better I think, the buttons really stand out.

Model cardiganSo that’s one down…many to go! I have my outfit for the Gatsby themed work christmas party to prepare – silver dress was found in a charity shop last week for £8.95, and just needs the straps and the length taking up a little. I’ve got some length of black lace and some emerald and blue-green beads to embellish with, but beyond a geometric design I’m undecided on the exact changes.

I was also given a really nice skirt this weekend that was mainly for the lovely fabric, beige silk with a geometric pattern, and a wide mint coloured band and sash. Lots of useful bases for ideas – at the moment I’m thinking of transforming it into a top.

No doubt this will be with the help of a recent sale shelf find – Little Green Dresses which is all about upcycling, recycling and generally repurposing fabric and clothing. The eco ethos behind the book is no doubt worthy, but beyond that it looks to be a great bible for both ideas and techniques.


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