A cluster of tops

Only two posts in the last four months of 2013…oops! Life just gets so busy…

I really should do better though, as I do enjoy blogging. In fact this year I have started a 365 project, and my resolution is to make more out of being near London and stop missing out on interesting cultural things. My starting point was visiting Bletchley Park on a couple of weeks ago, and I’m swiftly building up a list of to-do’s. To that end, the type of posts on the blog might become a bit more varied.

But the first post of 2014 is in keeping – a bit of a haul post from my January sales shopping.
I also picked up two pairs of work trousers from Next that I’d eyed up in the autumn but decided against – the right decision, since I nabbed them for just £10 each!

New Look was also fairly successful, yielding a teal floaty wrapover blouse (also for work), a longline purple cardigan with lace panel (mostly for work) and a cute squirrel jumper – all at around £7 each.

The first top from New Look needs something under it, and luckily I spotted this little number in House of Fraser (Hallhuber) for just £9.


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