Biker jackets

I’ve been pondering a biker jacket for a while now, there have been some nice ones recently in the shops and while looking around online I also found some good coloured ones as well as the classic black/tan. But I’m also quite keen on the neutral cream/stone….

Well I suppose the answer is just to get all of them! If only I was a millionairess and had an entire room for clothes.

I may well have missed the boat on some of these now, since I put this shortlist together around a month ago, but here were my pick of the bunch:

Six Favourites : Biker jackets


Clockwise from top left:

Oasis – Black zip front, faux leather. Was around £50 if I remember rightly, now seems to be sold out. – Heidi purple asymmetric leather. Love the colour and the style, but at £159 this was really thrown in as a fantasy piece!

H&M – Imitation suede in cream. At £29.99, this one’s really tempting but is that slightly too cheap to go the distance…?

Oasis – Sienna tan faux leather. Nice quilt detail, and still in stock at £58. Strikes me as a bit pricey for faux leather and also very similar to a jacket my mum has.

Nairaland – Ok so this one I can’t find to buy, it’s on a retro fashion forum but the colour!! It had to go in. – Juliet yellow leather. Love the mustardy yellow colour, that would be really striking and it looks like it has a nice texture. Not sure about the straight zip though, that’s not so flattering and at £155, it’s also a blowout piece again.

So of all of them, the H&M piece might be worth hunting down. I think I’d want to feel it and try it though rather than taking a punt online, and with the sales in full swing I can’t imagine trying to find a specific piece in any of the big H&M stores!


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