1940s Office style

I posted about this dress back in June/July, I bought it for a 1940s themed Hangar Dance. I really love it but for some reason I haven’t worn it since. Today I decided to pull it out for workwear, styled with a brown belt, my new bargain Moda in Pelle shoes (£29.99 down from £59.99) and a vintage yellow scarf.

It’s army green in a wool felt fabric and feels very vintage, but it probably wouldn’t have passed the Utility clothing regulations. It has a lovely floral satin lining throughout, and the bow shape across the bust and even the tucks would probably have been considered “excessive”.

1940s Office style

Bletchley Circle is back on TV and I’m loving the styles the girls are wearing, particularly Susan’s maroon tailored coat and Millie’s tall-girl high waisted trousers and blouses (not a look I can ever pull off, sadly!). The series is set in the early 1950s but the style is definitely more 40s than 50s, we’ve yet to see any hourglass figures or circle skirts.


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