Product Review: UrbanVeda

A few months ago I got a Glossybox with some samples of UrbanVeda products. I usually have real trouble with facial products because I have blemish-prone skin which veers between oily and dry. In the past I have tended to use Garnier face scrubs and Simple oil balancing face wipes, and have never used moisturiser because usually that instantly oils up my skin. I’d also have to change products every month or because they would seem to stop being effective.

However I was really impressed with the UrbanVeda products, and took advantage of the discount code to buy the full size products. Months down the line, I’m still impressed, they still work and I think I may have found my lifelong products.

UrbanVeda Purifying Exfoliating Facial Polish, £8.99 for 125ml


They say:

Naturally formulated for a deep cleanse, our revitalising scrub contains natural Pumice to exfoliate, cold-pressed Neem oil and refreshing essential oils to remove impurities and treat blackheads. Antioxidant-rich botanicals work in synergy with naturally astringent herbals and collagen-boosting extracts to reduce excess sebum, tighten pores and leave skin hydrated.

Key ingredients:
Botanical extracts: (Witch hazel / Neem / Quassia / Bearberry / Black Mulberry)
Actives: (Vitamin C / Arjuna / Glycerine)
Bio-oils: (Tea tree / Orange / Anise / Spearmint / Wild Mint / Eucalyptus)

I say: This is an excellently priced product which goes a long way, I use a large pea-sized blob with warm water. It has a pleasant, quite neutral odour and has fine grains which do the polishing. Unlike many scrubs, it doesn’t foam up but this doesn’t detract from the action. It leaves my skin feeling cleansed, smooth and, well, polished!


UrbanVeda Radiance Day Cream, £14.99 for 50ml


They say:

Naturally formulated using Ayurvedic principles, our bioactive blend of brightening botanical extracts is enriched with a cell-repairing peptide and amino-acid complex to help correct signs of hyperpigmentation, boost complexion and balance skin tone. Moisturising and collagen-boosting extracts help to feed skin, keeping it soft, supple, hydrated and plump.

Key ingredients:
Botanical extracts: (Liquorice / Papaya / Goji berry)
Actives: (Glycerine / Tumeric /Arjuna / Tego®Pep 4-even)
Bio-oils: (Sweet Almond / Orange / Patchouli / Coriander / Cedar / Marigold)

I say: Having never used moisturiser I am amazed to find that one exists that can moisturise without making my skin oily. I only use a tiny amount so although this product is a bit more pricey it still lasts a long time. As far as their blurb goes, I can testify that it does even out my skin colour and balances my skin, so I no longer get oily vs dry areas on my face at the same time. I also love the fact that it soaks in within seconds, leaving my skin feeling supple but without that greasy residue you always seem to get with moisturiser.



One thought on “Product Review: UrbanVeda

  1. Hi Nicole, thank you for your kind words! I’m very happy to see you’ve started to moisturise as at UrbanVeda HQ, we advise those with oily skin to resist the temptation not to moisturise, as excess sebum production is sometimes caused by your skin’s attempt to combat dryness. Some further points to remember would be to stay hydrated and look for creams that moisturise using water or glycerine (a humectant). Also try to stay away from mineral oil (a petroleum-derived oil which is said to be comedogenic; blocks the pores). All the best, Wren @ UrbanVeda x

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