Recent beauty buys

It’s been nearly two months since I last posted! Whoops… I’ve been sticking with the gel nails since then, experimenting and refining technique. I’m convinced it’s the way to go, but I do think the quality of the polish you use has a massive impact.

Anyway I’ve been up to all sorts lately in the beauty, craft and vintage departments so I’d better start catching up.

Firstly, a round-up of some of my latest beauty buys. A few weeks ago we convened in Birmingham for Sophie’s birthday and before we all dispersed again a few of us went shopping, including a trip to Selfridges beauty department. I blame Sophie entirely for the fact that I blew £70! But hopefully on things which have made a difference.


As the summer heat hits I’ve been loving the weather, not so much what it does to my skin. I’d really been suffering from shine and my UrbanVeda products just didn’t seem to be up to the job any more. So when I saw this Dermalogica rescue kit for normal/oily skin I jumped on it.

I’ve used Dermalogica products before and in fact have the full size mask of one of the sample products included in this. For full size products, this kit contain a foam wash (I use in the morning), toner (in the morning after wash and before moisturiser), and polishing scrub (I use in the evening) and a matte moisturiser (I use in the evening after scrub). There’s also some eye cream I haven’t used yet. So far this routine seems to be keeping the skin under control, along with the following…

Kiko Mat Fluid is a moisturiser and matifying solution in one – to me this seemed to be a contradiction in terms but it was what I needed, so I gave it a shot (thanks Kiko for opening a new store on Oxford Circus!), and it seems to work. I certainly get less shine over the course of the day than if I use regular moisturiser.


Now I’ve never been one for spending much on makeup and here again I blame Sophie’s influence for spending more! But then again, I had two problems I needed to fix and the theory that cost and quality are aligned has hopefully paid off. In both cases, Bobbi Brown had the products that appealed the most.

They had a great range of BB cream shades, and I liked the way that it disappeared and blended quickly. Plus it’s SPF 35 which should hopefully stop my poor nose from burning at the slightest bit of sun! I don’t normally burn but I think I’ve caught my nose too many times, and now it’s sensitized.

Then, since I’ve had glasses I have had a nightmare with mascara smudging on the lenses. So Bobbi Brown’s ‘No Smudge’ mascara seemed to be just the ticket, and sure enough I can vouch that it doesn’t smudge at all! It has a great brush, goes on nicely without clumping, and doesn’t smudge even though it doesn’t dry hard like some mascara.

So that’s that for now, more crafting and fashion coming up soon…



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