Going bare

I have a confession. I haven’t shaved my legs in two months. WHAT ! I hear you all cry, is she mad?! Nope, in the peak of the leg-baring season I have stopped shaving my legs. But I haven’t thrown all conventions out of the window, I just found a new method.

At the county show in June I picked up a nifty new product from the Health & Beauty section. It’s called Sheerskin, and basically it’s a micro-exfoliation pad. You get two in a box, a large (for legs, large areas) and a small (ideal for those moustaches we all pretend we don’t get…) with replacement pads.

The girl on the stand did a quick demo on my (two-day old stubble) leg and I was seriously impressed. Granted she clearly had a fresh exfoliating pad, in which case the exfoliation takes seconds to get to smooth. I’ve found as the pad wears, it can take a bit more elbow grease to achieve the same effect, and that the pads last 2-3 weeks with regular use.

The one thing I’ve found doesn’t work is underarms. Maybe I can’t get the right angle of contact or perhaps my underarms are too sensitive, but I just couldn’t get it right so I’m still shaving there. I’ve seen a great improvement on my legs though, which used to get very dry after shaving and I always had little cuts, now I think they look much better. And the hair which does grow through is becoming finer and is less visible, so if I skip an extra day you can’t really tell visually.


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