Books for Free

If there’s one thing that most people will agree on, it’s that nothing comes for free. Even supposed marketing ‘freebies’ aren’t actually, because you usually have to give up some personal information in exchange and we all know what THAT gets used for.

But Healthy Planet have a scheme called Books for Free…and they really are! The project is about reducing the amount of books which end up being pulped or sent to landfill. I think that’s really great. I love second hand and charity bookshops, anything that extends the life of a book and can introduce people to books they might not normally find. This takes it to a new stage though, since you really can walk out of the shop with three books…handing over absolutely nothing!


Of course, that’s not to say that you SHOULDN’T hand over anything, since what goes around comes around – why not donate some books you don’t fancy anymore? That’s what I did today, I handed in three books I had read (and I think originally picked up from charity shops) and no longer wanted, and came away with three new ones to read. One of my three was a ‘mystery book’ – wrapped in newspaper with a short descriptive phrase on the front, it’s turned out to be a spy thriller.

Why not check the Healthy Planet Books for Free map to see where your nearest shop is?



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