Vinted UK – now with PayPal!

A while back I posted about trying a new selling site Depop. I’m afraid I didn’t have much luck there, it was too much of a social site. The news feed style and poor search function meant the few potential buyers weren’t seeing the items. I made one sale shortly after listing an item but I think that was pure luck.

So then I tried Vinted. Initially I’d been put off this site because of the escrow style payment system, but I read some good reviews from other bloggers that indicated good sales potential and I also read into the payment system and it seemed fairly robust.

So I decided to try it. The sales platform and search facility is much better as well as the social aspect. You can follow brands you like so your news feed shows up things you’re likely to want.

And now even better news ! They’ve linked up PayPal so payments can now be instant and as they would be on any other online store.

You can check out what I’m selling here:


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