Home Barn – A Vintage Wonderland

So, today I decided to have a bit of a vintage indulgence, and I found out about a place less than 15 mins away in Little Marlow called Home Barn. The website bills the place as having “an inspiring collection of unique vintage furniture and accessories with an eclectic mix of industrial, reclaimed, antique and modern treasures for your home and garden.”

Home Barn

Well, that’s certainly true! From the vintage tin Coca-Cola cafe table outside, to the collection of jars and bottles, long-lived wooden furniture including old school desks and chunky kitchen benches, a full printing press, artwork, metal letters, a few pieces of taxidermy, industrial cabinets….even a full chandelier hanging from the barn rafters. I’ll let the photos do the talking…

I was quite tempted with some chairs, as one of the things my flat is still lacking are a dining table and chairs. I don’t want to spend a fortune as most of the time it wouldn’t be used, and I also want something as neat as possible with chairs that can be stacked when I don’t need them. There were a couple of options at Home Barn today but in the end I decided it needn’t be rushed and it’s the kind of thing I’m likely to find on Freecycle or similar.

However, I couldn’t leave without satisfying my penchant for bottles and jars, and came away with 6 test tubes (£1.50 each) and a ground-glass stoppered bottle – photographed here with the colourful background of my rug, they form the basis of a modern upcycled spice rack idea I have. They also threw in the two small keys from a giant bowl for free (destined for jewellery!), and to top it off customers can pick up a free MollieMakes issue on the way out – I got Issue 13 from back in April which came with free rose buttons.

I highly recommend a visit to Home Barn if you’re in the area – if you’re even vaguely interested in vintage, upcycled or recycled home style, you can’t fail to be inspired with a visit there.